Bush Wise

Bush Wise
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This book is broken up into various sections. The first section is called plants and includes: Useful Native Plants, Plants not Indigenous to this Area and Introduced Useful Weeds. This is the bulk of the book. Section two is called Wildlife, which covers various creatures that live in this locality. I have a table on how to prepare and cook anything from a wild goat to a worm. The emphasis is on using our pests, natives only being used in survival situations.Section three covers Recipes. These are mostly culinary but I have put in a few medicinal recipes you may like to try. The recipes cover things such as making a stew from kangaroo and nut grass, lilly pilly jam and some wattle blossom pancakes.Section four and five on Bush Crafts and Survival have been written mainly due to my husband’s love of bush crafts and survival but also due to our extensive Scouting background. Both of us were leaders (Bryant having also been a Cub, Scout and Venturer) and we learnt a great deal from the movement.Bush crafts covers Cooking Crafts where you’ll learn to make your own Buddy burner and Alfoil oven; Fire Making that teaches you how to get your fire going with two sticks and various cooking fires you can make; Knotting, Shelter, Snares and Traps and even some Tracking.Survival covers information of Bush Fires, First Aid, Survival in the Bush and a Survival Kit plus Water. This section will cover making two simple kits, one for First Aid and the other for Survival.

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