Upcoming Workshops in NSW

For more information about what is involved with any of the workshops, please contact the organisers of the event and they will let you know.

You'll find the contact details under the workshop you'd like to attend. 

6th Sunday - St Albans
Intro to Herbal Medicine and Reconising weeds wth Penny Pyett
To book call Penny 02 4568 2036

19th Saturday - Dungog
Beauty from Natural Products
Hive & Gobbler 
26th Saturday - Bucketty
Intro to Herbal Medicine 
To book call Brynnie 0404 896 396


5th Saturday - Broke
First Aid Kit with Shelley
To book call Shelly or go to
19th Saturday - Dungog
Cosmetics part 2 with Essential Oils
To book go to Hive & Gobbler
2nd Saturday - Iluka
pmaking with Cheryl
To book call 0427 333 869 or
9th Saturday - Dungog
Soaps, Shampoos & Washing Gel
To book go to Hive & Gobbler,
30th Saturday - Somersby
Using Weeds that grwow on your doorstep with Jill
To book call Jill 0488 158 656
7th Saturday - Broke
Respiratory and immune system
with Shelley
To book call 0404 512 116, or go to
13th - 15th Friday to Sunday - Webbs Creek
Wise Wo
men’s Gathering

21st Saturday - Dungog
Weeds and their uses



4th Saturday - Bucketty  
Boosting your immune system
To book call Brynnie 0404 896 396

18th Saturday - Dungog 
Making a First Aid kit
To book go to Hive & Gobbler

2nd Saturday - Broke
Mind, Body and Soul harmony
To book call Shelley
0404 512 116

13th Saturday - Bucketty
Supporting good mental health and wellbeing
To book call Brynnie 0404 896 396

3rd Saturday - Broke
Natural skin care with Shelley
To book call 0404 512 116, or go to

12th Saturday - Bucketty
Making a First Aid kit
To book call Brynnie 0404 896 396 



Workshop Information Sheet


Simply email for dates available and for more information.

The course is made up of 11 Workshops plus an Indroductry session covering a wide variety of subjects. It is based on 30 years of teaching and 26 years of Practice as a Herbalist.  At the end of the course you will feel empowered to use natural therapies to look after yourself and your loved ones. All workshops can be taught as a one off.  Popular ones are: Weeds and their uses, Beauty from natural products, Soaps, shampoos and washing gel and Creating a First Aid kit. 

I have always endeavoured to make my workshops available to all walks of life thus have kept my fees reasonable. However to do this each workshop must have a minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 students.

All workshops have a similar structure. We start by learning about the herbs, related subjects and the items we’re making and later on we make our products. After deciding what you’d like to make we break into groups and create the products which are divided up for everyone to take home. For a class of 12 students there will be 6 items made and if the class is larger we will make more items unless a certain project needs more students. For example in the Weed workshop we make the Wild Weed ointment which needs a large group due to the number of herbs involved.

Cost/workshop is $70/student. You will make approximately $60 worth of products to take home. Costs may vary if travel is extensive or if I have to pay for the venue.

All ingredients are included in the cost as well as the containers. A cutting board and your own sharp knife are optional as I do bring some. Bring paper and pen for notes, lunch to share and if not supplied own cup, plate and cutlery. I will supply labels and sealable bags.  Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and don’t mind getting dirty. Bring a sense of humour, your thirst for new knowledge and your ability to share your own knowledge with others. I have outlined each workshop and included what we make. This may vary according to the seasons and availability of the materials, e.g. herbs.

(* As shown on the information sheet, I have put an asterix next to additional items that are only made if I have a larger class.)


~Pat created the 12 module Herbal Correspondence Course for everyone that is wanting to know more about herbs but aren't able to attend her workshops ~

Each module once purchased is available to download immediately via PDF ebook and all the supplies needed are bundled up here @ THE Centre and sent to your address (if you require a print out copy of the module please let us know). The cost of each module is $39 (postage cost not included) and it is required to be done in an consecutive order 1-12. At the completion you will be given a certificate of completion signed by Pat. *(if you require a hard copy of the module to be sent please leave a message in the comments)


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