Full Health Appraisal

If you book in for the Full Health Appraisal
it includes;
White and Red Blood Cells Screening
Body Composition test
Urine test
Glucose test
Zinc test
Blood pressure
Nutrition and Health Appraisal analysis
Health Questionnaire

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The total cost is $190 for 1 hour consultation
with Pat and all the tests ($175 for Pensioners)

(tests done and information available at the
same time as your consult with Pat)

What are the tests for?

Screening White and Red Blood Cells

Test to measure your fat, muscle, BMI, extra and intracellular water levels

Glucose test– just a prick gives us information on how well your body deals with sugar.

Urine test that shows any urinary infections, glucose, PH, Bilirubin (liver), Ketones (are you burning fat) and we also test your Dysbiosis – how good is your gut

Iridology is the tool that Pat uses to understand the whole body – mentally, emotionally and physically

Zinc test is a simple taste test to measure zinc absorption.

Blood Pressure checks the blood pressure

Nutrition we need a list of what you’ve been eating for the past week

Health Questionnaire  gives an overall snapshot of possible underlying health related issues (to be completed during the appointment)

***What you need to do prior to your appointment***

Nutrition Keep a record of what you eat and drink for a week

Have a good meal the night before, including protein

Urine We need a small sample of the first urine in the morning (about ¼ cup) in a clean, disposable container

No food or light food only 2 hours before test, (eg salad and small amount of protein, or a piece of fruit)

No exercise during the 2 hours before the test

An hour before your appointment try to drink 500ml of water

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